Law Enforcement Agency's and Retirement Systems throughout the U.S. allow for the purchase and rollover of military service time into the public safety sector retirement plan.  This will allow Veteran's to either retire early with full benefits or retire with enhanced benefits

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This list and our services are offered for free to separating service members and veteran's who are interested in a career in Law Enforcement

Color coded agencies have an annual subscription and are members of the Five O Family.  These agencies are advertised all year round whether they are hiring or not.  All other agencies are listed for the convenience of the users of our site.  We want the users to be aware of all the police agencies in each state. (Please contact us should you know of an agency that is not listed on our site)

Agencies that are written in blue have joined our family and are posting current job openings.  Each name will have a hyperlink that will direct you to that agencies website.

Agencies that are written in green have an annual subscription, however they are not currently hiring.  A hyperlink is added to that agency so you can visit their website to conduct research and sign up for e-mail notifications for future job openings.

Agencies that are in Grey, do not have an agreement with  Users may highlight that agency and drop it into a search engine and conduct research on whether that agenciy is hiring or not.

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As a career law enforcement leader in my 4th decade, and former law enforcement human resouces commander, I am excited about this service, which connects law enforcement agencies with some of our nation's most proven, dedicated law enforcement candidates -- our veterens. And compared to traditional advertising and outreach media, the cost schedule for this service is unbelievable.

LTC David Denlinger, (Ret)

Commander - Human Resource Division

​​Since partnering with Five O LLC we have seen an increase in the number of candidates we typically receive.  This partnership has allowed our agency the ability to reach several candidates across the country that we wouldn’t normally be able to reach.   Ken is a pleasure to work with, is knowledgeable about the law enforcement industry, and is passionate about what he does.  The service he provides is one of a kind and well worth the investment.


Monica Welch, SHRM-CP, PHR, IPMA-CP
Human Resources Manager
City of Yuma

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